Monday, 18 April 2011

Some pics from singing at Mo*niques.

Taken by the fantasic and pefect Stevenio Cheshire.

(c) stevenio cheshire photography.

The night went well. All my fears and worries went away as soon as I got up there. Everyone was so kind and friendly and one of my best friends showed up all the way from Manchester. :) Such a lovely surprise.

Steven, Darren, Steph, Jade, Ell, Kate and the beautiful Heather all showed up and I was so ridiculously happy I almost fell off the stage.

I ended up doing All that jazz, Cry me a river, the man I love and Roxie! Then I got an 'encore' (which to be fair was probably my best friends) and I did Fever, to which I forgot a verse. It's alright though because I just admitted it to them...

Oh and videos to follow guys!

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  1. Oh Shell, you look so beautiful and I am so very proud of you! I can't wait for video with sound. The whole world is yours, dear friend!