Friday, 15 April 2011

Mo*niques Cabaret Launch night

Last night, we went to the launch party at Mo*niques Cabaret. This is an amazing new bar in Liverpool dedicated to Burlesque and Cabaret and i'll be singing there the last weekend of April so stay posted for some pictures/videos etc :)

Here's two pictures Ness Hay took when the performances were going on. My and Andrew & Darren Cheshire are at the back on the right. I'm the one looking made up in blue, Andrew's in Grey and Darren is in a shirt. Andrew is the one incapable of a smile and totally void of emotion.

Pomona Green enjoying some candy floss. And 1/4 of Simon;)

more pictures to follow.


  1. The lovely ladies of Liverpool are all gravitating to the same spot, Shell. It's an exciting time for you, PG and Leanne and that makes me very happy. Enjoy your weekend, dear friend!

  2. haha it's true! There's a pull to this bar! It reaaaally is. I'm singing there tomorrow night. I'll post some pictures and videos on Monday.

    Thanks again Tom for your kind words and following my blog :) xxxx