Monday, 25 April 2011

For a girl my age I'm considerate and nice, but I want to be just like Vincent Price.

Yes, I know it's soon, but I thought i'd post ANOTHER blog on the fantastic Mr. Price. I'm going to dedicate this one to some videos of Vincent Price...a selection of my favourite.

Although Vincent sadly died when he was 82, in 1993 (just a year after my birth), he has more of an influence on me than any modern day actor. He was honest, intelligent and eccentric. This seems to be what men these days are lacking. A sense of humour, style and a good suit. I think good men went out of the window along with glamourous women.

 For those of you who don't already have them, I urge you to download/buy Vincent Price "The Price of Fear" Radio shows for the BBC. I always have them playing in my bedroom whilst i'm going about my business pottering around or whilst i'm cooking in the kitchen.

Now, is it just me, or are horror films these days nonsense? They're not true horror, they shock and sicken the viewer instead of frightening them. I know that ''House On Haunted Hill'' is not bone chilling to the modern day audience as it was in but I can't help but feel that they should make horror the way they used to. House On Haunted Hill houses the tagline ''The 13 greatest shocks of all time!'' and I must admit, some of it is still a tad scary now! Especially the bit where Nora belives the old blind house keeper is a ghost. It is a dreadful shame that Vincent can't play the lead anymore though. I personally think he is a wonderful actor and he has the most perfect voice! Perfect for that creepy, sinister role. House on Haunted Hill is one of my favourite movies, and Vincent Price is my favourite male actor. His moustache, might I add, only adds to his sinister appeal!

Whilst looking for pictures to upload of House on Haunted Hill...I stumbled across something which actually made my heart sink! They re-made it. In colour, using pretend goths, angsty teens, fake blood and a man with a moustache, who isn't Vincent. This only backs up what I said about modern horror. It has about as much creativity as a pea. In fact, i'm positive that a pea is more creative, and far less violent. I'm seriously, very shocked. I'm going to take a look at the trailer and see how they've destroyed it. :( Oh it's very much destroyed, blood gore, the works of modern day horror. *sigh* Although, it is safe to say, it shall never replace the orignal.
Here's some comparisons:

(I mean, what even IS that? It looks like a deformed alien anti-christ Gollum. Jeeeeeez, Hollywood what happened?)

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  1. Shell, I think it's wonderful that you were profoundly influenced by a great man like Vincent Price. He was very much a refined gentleman and had a very generous nature. He made movies that were fun to watch, not sickening and disturbing like many of today's offerings. House on Haunted Hill is my all time favorite horror movie because it's a delightful blend of horror and tongue-in-cheek humor. You're right about the remake. Like most remakes it's a lame body count affair slapped together to capitalize on the popularity of the original. What makes me sad is when today's young people only know about or remember the remakes of movies instead of the superior originals. It happens time and time again. I applaud you for having the wisdom and intelligence to recognize a classic when you see one! With your sensibilities you would have fit right in as a child of the 30s, 40s, 50s or 60s.

  2. Superb post, I adore Mr Price, he was a fantastic man as well an art collector, cook and actor. If you have not already I urge you to read the biography his daughter has written, Victoria, it made me feel even closer to him. I cannot count the amount of times I have listened/watched a tell tale heart! x