Monday, 7 February 2011


My very good friend Darren Cheshire is now back and has brought with him a wonderful special offer for anyone interested in having their photographs taken:

Photographer to the stars, back from his recent trip to Los Angeles, Darren Cheshire now has a VERY special discount on his out-door portraits. Have you fancied having your portrait professionally took? Or even want to up-date your existing portfolio? If so, contact Darren on: for more info. This special promotion is for the MERSEYSIDE area only. Also look out for a special feature on Darren's photography in the new GLADSTONE magazine, out in March. View some of his work on:

And check out Lumiere Fotografie, his own photography magazine featuing his work:

(L-R : Jacqualine Rose, Camille O'Sullivan, Pomona Green and me!)

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  1. Darren's work perfectly reflects my personal tastes, Shell. He knows what beauty is and how best to capture it!