Sunday, 23 January 2011

Tim Walker.

I find myself longing for Spring to hurry up and for the air to be warm and light. But considering it's still ridiculously icy and freezing cold here in the U.K., I have to find my Spring somewhere else. It's these cold days when I find comfort in the pictures of Tim Walker.

His pictures are like some form of beautiful dream you wish was real. It's as though he's took a photograph of what's going on his mind and it's hard to understand sometimes how he made these lavish dreams into a reality. He always uses dainty, fairy-like models like the beautiful Lily Cole, only adding to the magic of his pictures and his use of pastel coloured animals pulls you into some wonderful fairy tale.

ahhh, this is on of my favourite Walker pictures. Not only do I love cats with every fibre of my soul, but a hareem of fluffy pastel coloured cats in front of a backdrop of pretty springy flowers is enough to send me weak at the knees and dizzy with happiness.

The above photo is from the spread he photographed on Tim Burton and is one of my favourite ever spreads from Vogue.

I wish my life was like these pictures....


  1. These remarkable images are through the looking-glass and I thank you for sharing them. Your life can be like these pictures, Shell, and my wish is that you will find the means to turn your dreams into reality.

  2. Haha, i'd love it, it's all so magical. My future house is going to have to be exactly like this, although I don't think Poppy would take kindly to being painted a pastel colour!!!

  3. I adore these photographs! Only Lily would be able to model for such photography.


  4. I adore Lily, every time i go to Cambridge I pure stalk the streets looking for her :') ahaha <3 xxxxxxx

  5. Beautiful post, I see you have a long time to write one, why? it looks like you are doing a beautiful job.