Thursday, 27 January 2011

Some little Vintage Numbers...

This is my newest buy. Flash Boutique £40. I love it. I've been after something Green for quite a while now and this one is perfect. It's probably around 1960's and is velvet. I'm wearing this one for my birthday night out next week.

I still haven't worn this gorgeous floor length lace dress. It's probably not floor's probably just because I'm incredibly short. I have no idea when this is from...but I love it. It has a gorgeous 'collar' and is strapless. The only thing is I don't have an occasion extravagant enough to attend that I can wear this for!

N.B. Please disregard my awful 'hanging up' skills.

A gorgeous 1950's dress which is my absolute favourite ever. The high neck is amazing and it's just so Summery and perfect for cheering me up on a drab winters day. The only thing is that I ripped it on one side and I need to sew it back up! (the right hand side of this photo) I bought it in perfect condition too... Stupid me. Me + delicate material = disaster. Curious Orange £40, owned by my beautiful friend Kitty. (see my next post for more information on this treasure trove of vintage items and fancy dress.)

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