Saturday, 22 January 2011

Some things in my bedroom...

A 1940's handmade dress bought from Flashback Boutique . Unfortunatley, the zipper was a litte olf and liable to stick, so I replaced it with a pastel blue one, and sewed on the pastel blue bow and pearl detail that i made. This is one of my favourite dresses...always reminds me of Egypt a little too...

My sewing machine, bought for me by my Mum and Dad as an 18th Birthday present. I love it. It's perfect for quick and simple garments.

A purse I knitted. The button is's one that my Grandma (Ma-Ma) gave to me.
N.B. Don't ever buy that's rubbish.

Vintage wicker basket £15, bought from the same vintage shop on Lark Lane as my hat (see prev. post). The skirt inside was originally a dress, but one of my best friends, Ell, made it into a skirt one day for me when she probably should have been doing some coursework. :)

A pocket watch my Mum and Dad bought for me as a gift for doing well in my AS Level resits. I wear this every day and feel naked without it.


  1. These are great photographs, Shell, and I tip my hat to you for being able to use a sewing machine to make and mend garments. You are a multitalented individual!

  2. Haha, thankyou! Self taught as well. I only got it last Feb. :)