Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Antique Cameras.

I am harbouring a bit of an obsession for Antique cameras. The first I found is a 1947 Kodak Box camera, Six-20 'E' Model. I found this one last October (the 2009 one) in my home away from home, Tenby. They hold a market every Sunday there called 'Carew Market' and honestly, if you're into antiques, it's fantastic to get down to to check it out. You find the most incredible bargains there. The Box Camera was purchased for 50p...Just call me David Dickinson. It even came with it's origninal bag.

Here's a couple of other bargains I got at Carew Market last October (2009)

A Marc Chantal handbag with lots of space and the most interesting clasp, £1.50.

This was 50p, an antique candle holder. This was taken when I obviously hadn't dusted in a while... I gave it a bit of a gothic twist because by putting my spider on it, haha. It not only holds candles, but also makes an excellent pot for my quill! Thus, it's now covered in in and wax, and still dust...

This year, I also went to Tenby. I say this year, I mean October 2010...but it's January, so I'm finding it hard to figure out what was last year, the year before and what was this year.... But anyway, I went to Tenby, and found another Antique camera. This time, and older one.

This one is a Kodak sex-20, Jr folding camera. The US stopped making these Kodak folding cameras in 1926, but in 1933 these were made in the UK, untiil around 1940. So the camera is 1930's as it says 'Made in Great Britain by Kodak Limited London.' I completeley adore this one, as it's so compact and great to take out with me to show off to people and was also a bargain at £7 - I've seen these go more £70+ on some websites. The best thing about it, is it still has that gorgeous musty smell that old books boast.

I am unfortunatley yet to test both of these gorgeous cameras but will do asap, with pictures being posted on here for all to see.


  1. That box camera looks very much like the one my father owned, Shell. He was a dedicated photographer who loved to take pictures of natural wonders, plants and wildlife. His camera also documented the growth and evolution of our family.

  2. do you still have it? Or any of the pictures he took on it? :) xxx

  3. No, unfortunately my father sold that camera decades ago and has since passed away, but I have a photo album filled with images he took of me and my family. If you visit my blog and look at my December 28th Unmasking post you will see some of the photos my dad took of me in my youth, starting in 1950.

  4. Ahhh I've seen those ones and thought they were soooo professional!!!
    They're fantastic :) xxx