Sunday, 30 January 2011

Corfu here I come!!

Today I booked a Holiday in Corfu for June! I'm so excited having wanted to go to Corfu for a while now since watching BBC's 'My Family and Other Animals.' Instead of waiting around, trying to make a decision, I just made a rash decision to get up and go, (albiet slightly inspired by the film once more) and I'm so glad I did. I'm seriously so, so excited! Especially as I've never flewn before. Whenever I've been to France and Paris I've always gotten the Ferry or Eurostar so it's something different.

If you haven't seen it, you really need to.It's effectivley the autobiograohy of Gerald Durrell-the naturist; telling the story of his life on the island between 1935-1939. I'm dying to read the book and need to get it ASAP.  It also has one of the best ever soundtracks i've ever heard on a movie. (Obviously, Amelie, The Piano, Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter are in there with my Top Ten too.) Here's the first ten minutes of the movie taken from YouTube:

Thursday, 27 January 2011

Some little Vintage Numbers...

This is my newest buy. Flash Boutique £40. I love it. I've been after something Green for quite a while now and this one is perfect. It's probably around 1960's and is velvet. I'm wearing this one for my birthday night out next week.

I still haven't worn this gorgeous floor length lace dress. It's probably not floor's probably just because I'm incredibly short. I have no idea when this is from...but I love it. It has a gorgeous 'collar' and is strapless. The only thing is I don't have an occasion extravagant enough to attend that I can wear this for!

N.B. Please disregard my awful 'hanging up' skills.

A gorgeous 1950's dress which is my absolute favourite ever. The high neck is amazing and it's just so Summery and perfect for cheering me up on a drab winters day. The only thing is that I ripped it on one side and I need to sew it back up! (the right hand side of this photo) I bought it in perfect condition too... Stupid me. Me + delicate material = disaster. Curious Orange £40, owned by my beautiful friend Kitty. (see my next post for more information on this treasure trove of vintage items and fancy dress.)

Sunday, 23 January 2011

"What sets me apart from the rest is that I did something about it... instead of sitting there thinking about it."

Tim Walker.

I find myself longing for Spring to hurry up and for the air to be warm and light. But considering it's still ridiculously icy and freezing cold here in the U.K., I have to find my Spring somewhere else. It's these cold days when I find comfort in the pictures of Tim Walker.

His pictures are like some form of beautiful dream you wish was real. It's as though he's took a photograph of what's going on his mind and it's hard to understand sometimes how he made these lavish dreams into a reality. He always uses dainty, fairy-like models like the beautiful Lily Cole, only adding to the magic of his pictures and his use of pastel coloured animals pulls you into some wonderful fairy tale.

ahhh, this is on of my favourite Walker pictures. Not only do I love cats with every fibre of my soul, but a hareem of fluffy pastel coloured cats in front of a backdrop of pretty springy flowers is enough to send me weak at the knees and dizzy with happiness.

The above photo is from the spread he photographed on Tim Burton and is one of my favourite ever spreads from Vogue.

I wish my life was like these pictures....

Saturday, 22 January 2011

Some things in my bedroom...

A 1940's handmade dress bought from Flashback Boutique . Unfortunatley, the zipper was a litte olf and liable to stick, so I replaced it with a pastel blue one, and sewed on the pastel blue bow and pearl detail that i made. This is one of my favourite dresses...always reminds me of Egypt a little too...

My sewing machine, bought for me by my Mum and Dad as an 18th Birthday present. I love it. It's perfect for quick and simple garments.

A purse I knitted. The button is's one that my Grandma (Ma-Ma) gave to me.
N.B. Don't ever buy that's rubbish.

Vintage wicker basket £15, bought from the same vintage shop on Lark Lane as my hat (see prev. post). The skirt inside was originally a dress, but one of my best friends, Ell, made it into a skirt one day for me when she probably should have been doing some coursework. :)

A pocket watch my Mum and Dad bought for me as a gift for doing well in my AS Level resits. I wear this every day and feel naked without it.

My favourite hat.

Probably  early - mid 1940's. £10, Lark Lane.

" If you asked me now who I am, the only answer I could give with any certainty would be my name: Charles Ryder. For the rest: my loves, my hates, down even to my deepest desires, I can no longer say whether these emotions are my own, or stolen from those I once so desperately wished to be. On second thoughts, one emotion remains my own. Alone among the borrowed and the second-hand, as pure as that faith from which I am still in flight: Guilt."

Thursday, 20 January 2011

Darren Chesire (c) - Another of me. :)

Pomona Green; the next big thing in Burlesque.

Last Summer, I was a photographer for the Flashback Boutique fashion show in aid charity. Whilst there, I met a girl who shall now be known as 'Pomona Green.' She is every inch the Old Hollywood Star and it's hard not to imagine her playing alongside the stars of old and everyone agrees that she's a 'dead ringer' for Jane Russell. (Gentlemen prefer blondes, His Kind of Woman.) 

With her high arched, thick 40's-esque eyebrows and porcelain skin, she is a vintage treasure, never seen without full makeup and perfected hair. She is the very definition of curvacious too, with a thin sloping waist and elegant thighs and arms. None of this super skinny, she's the perfect example to young women everywhere.

Elegant and sophisticated, Pomona knows how to 'do' burlesque down to a 't'. She's incredibly sexy with a hint of playful innocence and artistic flare. She knows how to use the camera to her best ability, accentuating her best features and fitting the mood of the picture perfectly.

Pomona at the 'Vogue Ball'

It's rare to find someone so beautiful who has a love for Vintage and Modelling who has such a sweet and loving personality. She's truly one of the loveliest people I've ever met. She's humble and modest and is always shocked when someone pays her a compliment. She's just doing what she loves, she's not doing it for the attention and I admire her for that.

Not only is she lovely, but she has a passion for Politics, enrolling in a University course at Liverpool to study Politics and Policy. She's passionate about life and love and is eager to make a difference in the world, proving she's not all beauty, but brains too.

I feel it's important to add in a little something about her Style Icon. It's NOT Dita Von Teese as most people will automatically assume. Dita is fantastic, yes, but the assumption is always that everyone into Burlesque/Vintage is a follower of Miss Von Teese. She didn't start this off you know... No, Pomona's Style Icon is her Mother. She was a Lingerie Model in her prime, boasting long black hair, a slender figure and beautiful red lips. ''Chanel Red'' as Pomona herself says... ''She was one classy bird back in the day.''

Keep your eyes peeled here for some information on her upcoming Burlesque show which will be occurring this Summer.

Pomona is a true style icon herself, with her hour glass figure and her awe inspiring beauty. She's a treasure and an inspiration to young women everywhere, to do what they want and not care what anyone thinks. She's living her dream at the moment and loving every minute of it. She proves that it pays to be nice and to be yourself at all costs, no matter how many people try to stand in your way, and how many people try to put you down. She picks herself up and carries on, pushing the doubters and the people who try to hurt her to the side.

She's the next big thing in Burlesque, so don't look away from this page, I shall be brining you regular updates about my beautiful friend Pomona Green and what she's been up to.

The pictures displayed in this post were taken by Darren Cheshire and Stevenio Cheshire, two fantastic photographers who managed to capture Lucinda's exceptional beauty and Old Hollywood Glamour. The majority were taken by Stevenio, who has been working with Pomona for some time now. As she said in her own words 'I owe him so much.' Here's some links to both of their websites.

Stevenio Cheshire:

Darren Cheshire:



  • You can also Purchase Lumiere Fotografie, with the front cover dominated by Pomona and  which I am also in ;) at :

    Wednesday, 19 January 2011

    Morning post.

    This morning, I was delighted to see 'Lumiere Fotografie' posted through my door as I am actually in it! Not once, but three times, as is my beautiful friend Lucinda. (Keep your eyes peeled for a post on her)

    Not only am I exceedingly excited about the prospect of my mush being splattered across a magazine, but I am also thrilled about a small piece of my writing being included into the magazine.

    Make sure you buy this magazine. It's just fantastic. Darren's pictures are spectacular. It's about $12. I'm English, so it cost me around £9 including the P&P. GO BUY!!!

    Excuse just washed hair and chipped nail varnish. Nails haven't been top of the list of late as I am a very busy woman! Watch this space for news of some charity fundraising I am doing and whatever I've wacked up on my sewing machine.

    Wednesday, 12 January 2011

    Antique Cameras.

    I am harbouring a bit of an obsession for Antique cameras. The first I found is a 1947 Kodak Box camera, Six-20 'E' Model. I found this one last October (the 2009 one) in my home away from home, Tenby. They hold a market every Sunday there called 'Carew Market' and honestly, if you're into antiques, it's fantastic to get down to to check it out. You find the most incredible bargains there. The Box Camera was purchased for 50p...Just call me David Dickinson. It even came with it's origninal bag.

    Here's a couple of other bargains I got at Carew Market last October (2009)

    A Marc Chantal handbag with lots of space and the most interesting clasp, £1.50.

    This was 50p, an antique candle holder. This was taken when I obviously hadn't dusted in a while... I gave it a bit of a gothic twist because by putting my spider on it, haha. It not only holds candles, but also makes an excellent pot for my quill! Thus, it's now covered in in and wax, and still dust...

    This year, I also went to Tenby. I say this year, I mean October 2010...but it's January, so I'm finding it hard to figure out what was last year, the year before and what was this year.... But anyway, I went to Tenby, and found another Antique camera. This time, and older one.

    This one is a Kodak sex-20, Jr folding camera. The US stopped making these Kodak folding cameras in 1926, but in 1933 these were made in the UK, untiil around 1940. So the camera is 1930's as it says 'Made in Great Britain by Kodak Limited London.' I completeley adore this one, as it's so compact and great to take out with me to show off to people and was also a bargain at £7 - I've seen these go more £70+ on some websites. The best thing about it, is it still has that gorgeous musty smell that old books boast.

    I am unfortunatley yet to test both of these gorgeous cameras but will do asap, with pictures being posted on here for all to see.

    Monday, 10 January 2011

    Up extremely late working again......

    Some pictures of me, by Darren Cheshire.

    These were taken by my dear friend Darren. You can buy his new photography Magazine WORLDWIDE here:

    The magazine includes myself and my gorgeous friend Pomona Green (The next big thing in Burlesque) - whom I shall be blogging about shortly - as well as a write up by me. Darren has a huge talent, please go purchase his magazine.

    (C) Darren Cheshire Photography