Sunday, 11 December 2011

Bleached my hair again. Really dry and brittle at the minute and a little ginger on the ends. I'm trying some intense repair oil out & will tell ya'll how it goes. :)

Friday, 9 December 2011

I have returned.

So, It's been a fair few months since I last blogged but I'm determined to get back into it properly. I may as well update you all on what's been going on.


  • I became single after 4 and a half years, felt liberated and quite by chance crossed paths with the most wonderful man I have ever met and have now been with him for just over a month.
  • I acquired a position in a band called the High Flyers, singing Rockabilly music!
  • I returned to Uni and am thus going to Berlin in Feb. 
  • I actually tidied my bedroom.
  • I took photos...
  • I put some blonde in my hair.
  • I got a new job in a bar. 
There's probably loaaaads more... but here's my hair: 

Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Louisa Sheehan photoshoot

A collection of photographs taken by me of Louisa Sheehan on 26/7/11 in Liverpool - around St Georges Hall:) Enjoy! Louisa is a wonderful friend and a pleasure to work with.

(having some fun)

(C) Shell Keeley 2011.

Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Since I've been gone.

I adopted an Amur Leopard for £3 a month. (a very worthwhile cause). I also developed several more grey hairs - look closely at the below picture you can see one of the blighters shining through.

I got a present from Nicola!! ♥  A picture of Vincent Price. Still need to find the perfect frame for it.

Then I dyed my hair and got it cut and bought some 1950's gloves from eBay for £2.50.

I also went to Corfu...but I'm saving the gossip for another post!

Monday, 27 June 2011

A gift from afar

This was made for me by Ash, from a blog dedicated to the one and only Vincent. I thought I'd share it with you as it's so amazing it's unreal! :)

I have returned.

I haven't been able to access blogspot for a few months due to a technical hitch. SO much to blog about! Hold on to your seats. :)

Love, Shell.

Monday, 25 April 2011


I'm that on the ball, I bring to you the JUST RELEASED - IN FULL- new KATE BUSH VIDEO for Deeper Understanding....

Kate Bush is back....

I am a huge fan of Kate Bush so naturally, when I found out she was releasing new material, I was over the moon. At 52, kate's voice is as spectacular as ever and it's safe to say, she has less wrinkles than I do at 19. At first, her clips of her new material were a bit shocking to me, as Deeper Understanding has this full on techno bit in's grown on me. She's re-written some of her favourite songs from The Sensual World and The Red Shoes. I'll post some videos on this as well courtesy of YouTube.

 “Originally when I wrote the song ‘The Sensual World’ I had used text from the end of ‘Ulysses’ by James Joyce, put to a piece of music I had written. When I asked for permission to use the text I was refused, which was disappointing. I then wrote my own lyrics for the song although I felt that the original idea had been more interesting.  Well, I’m not James Joyce am I? When I came to work on this project I thought I would ask for permission again and this time they said yes.   It is now re-titled ‘Flower Of the Mountain’ and I am delighted that I have had the chance to fulfill the original concept”.

  1. FLOWER OF THE MOUNTAIN (a new version of the song originally titled ‘The Sensual World’)
  4. LILY

“For some time I have felt that I wanted to revisit tracks from these two albums and that they could benefit from having new life breathed into them. Lots of work had gone into the two original albums and now these songs have another layer of work woven into their fabric. I think of this as a new album”.

Kate has also hinted at touring, so fingers crossed. I will be first in line to get tickets if that's the case!

"It was enormously enjoyable. But physically it was absolutely exhausting. I still don't give up hope completely that I'll be able to do some live work, but it's certainly not in the picture at the moment. Maybe I will do some shows some day. I'd like to think so, before I get too ancient - turn up with my Zimmer frame. I enjoy singing, but with the albums it's the whole process I find so interesting. If I was going to do some shows it would be the same thing."

The new video contains Robbie Coltraine and Noel Fielding!!!!!!! :O

for more information visit (it's where i got most of the quotes and info!)

For a girl my age I'm considerate and nice, but I want to be just like Vincent Price.

Yes, I know it's soon, but I thought i'd post ANOTHER blog on the fantastic Mr. Price. I'm going to dedicate this one to some videos of Vincent Price...a selection of my favourite.

Although Vincent sadly died when he was 82, in 1993 (just a year after my birth), he has more of an influence on me than any modern day actor. He was honest, intelligent and eccentric. This seems to be what men these days are lacking. A sense of humour, style and a good suit. I think good men went out of the window along with glamourous women.

 For those of you who don't already have them, I urge you to download/buy Vincent Price "The Price of Fear" Radio shows for the BBC. I always have them playing in my bedroom whilst i'm going about my business pottering around or whilst i'm cooking in the kitchen.

Now, is it just me, or are horror films these days nonsense? They're not true horror, they shock and sicken the viewer instead of frightening them. I know that ''House On Haunted Hill'' is not bone chilling to the modern day audience as it was in but I can't help but feel that they should make horror the way they used to. House On Haunted Hill houses the tagline ''The 13 greatest shocks of all time!'' and I must admit, some of it is still a tad scary now! Especially the bit where Nora belives the old blind house keeper is a ghost. It is a dreadful shame that Vincent can't play the lead anymore though. I personally think he is a wonderful actor and he has the most perfect voice! Perfect for that creepy, sinister role. House on Haunted Hill is one of my favourite movies, and Vincent Price is my favourite male actor. His moustache, might I add, only adds to his sinister appeal!

Whilst looking for pictures to upload of House on Haunted Hill...I stumbled across something which actually made my heart sink! They re-made it. In colour, using pretend goths, angsty teens, fake blood and a man with a moustache, who isn't Vincent. This only backs up what I said about modern horror. It has about as much creativity as a pea. In fact, i'm positive that a pea is more creative, and far less violent. I'm seriously, very shocked. I'm going to take a look at the trailer and see how they've destroyed it. :( Oh it's very much destroyed, blood gore, the works of modern day horror. *sigh* Although, it is safe to say, it shall never replace the orignal.
Here's some comparisons:

(I mean, what even IS that? It looks like a deformed alien anti-christ Gollum. Jeeeeeez, Hollywood what happened?)

for further information and shocks, visit:

Some of my favourite Vincent Price pictures.

Those of you who know me, know I have a deep obsession with Vincent Price. I have aquired a good collection of photographs of him which I am going to share with you all now as well as some facts.

“A man who limits his interests, limits his life.”


Some Vincent Price Facts:

  • Shortly before his death, he said that one of his most favorite roles was the voice of Professor Ratigan in the Disney feature The Great Mouse Detective (1986), especially since two original songs had been written for him.
  • Shortly before his death, he said that one of his most favorite roles was the voice of Professor Ratigan in the Disney feature The Great Mouse Detective (1986), especially since two original songs had been written for him.
  • Host of BBC Radio`s "The Price of Fear" (1973-1975, 1983).
  • Made a short speech about the black widow on Alice Cooper`s "Welcome To My Nightmare" album.
  • According to Price, when he and Peter Lorre went to view Bela Lugosi`s body at Lugosi`s funeral, Lorre, upon seeing Lugosi dressed in his famous Dracula cape, quipped, "Do you think we should drive a stake through his heart just in case?"
  • Price voted for Republican candidate Wendell Willkie in the 1940 presidential election, since both his parents were conservatives. Shortly thereafter his political views altered completely and he later became one of the most active liberal Democrats in Hollywood.
  •  His role in Edward Scissorhands (1990) was intended to be much larger, but since Price was very ill from emphysema and Parkinson's disease he was only able to appear in two scenes.
  • An avid gourmet chef, he wrote a number of cookbooks

Last day of Uni.

Here's a few photos from my last day of University. Although, yes, I've done nothing but complain about University since I started there, I've decided to stay on and quite miss my friends already. I've even picked my modules for next year; Thatcher's Britain, The Berlin Wall, The Rise and Fall of the British Empire and the dissertation module. During this time, i'll be completing an Open Uni course in Scientific Archaeology and have almost finished my Art & Life in Ancient Egypt course with them. Then after my 3 years of History, i'm hoping to get onto an Egyptology Masters Degree and i'll see what happens from there.

Lies about Love

We are all liars, because
The truth of yesterday
becomes a lie tomorrow,
Whereas letters are fixed,
and we live by the letter of truth.
The love I feel for my friend, this year,
is different from the love I felt last year.
If it were not so, it would be a lie.
Yet we reiterate love! love! love!
as if it were a coin with fixed value
instead of a flower that dies, and opens a different bud."

D.H. Lawrence

Monday, 18 April 2011

Some pics from singing at Mo*niques.

Taken by the fantasic and pefect Stevenio Cheshire.

(c) stevenio cheshire photography.

The night went well. All my fears and worries went away as soon as I got up there. Everyone was so kind and friendly and one of my best friends showed up all the way from Manchester. :) Such a lovely surprise.

Steven, Darren, Steph, Jade, Ell, Kate and the beautiful Heather all showed up and I was so ridiculously happy I almost fell off the stage.

I ended up doing All that jazz, Cry me a river, the man I love and Roxie! Then I got an 'encore' (which to be fair was probably my best friends) and I did Fever, to which I forgot a verse. It's alright though because I just admitted it to them...

Oh and videos to follow guys!

Saturday, 16 April 2011

More Laura Ashley! (Self confessed bargain hunter)

I've just won the most gorgeous Laura Ashley vintage white dress on eBay for a ridiculously cheap amount: £2.70 - By this rate I'll have my entire summer wardrobe for under £100. Beats the highstreet and vintage stores in the city centre anyday!

Also bidding on the most spectacular Laura Ashley skirt suit. I contacted the seller and hopefully she'll be willing for me to 'Buy Now' instead of bidding as I must have it!

When I get them all, i'll get some pictures wearing them too. ;)