Saturday, 25 December 2010

Christmas Presents

  • A Chanel Lip laque, in 'Dragon' which dries to a deep blue-red matte finish.
  • 'The Cat Returns' on DVD.
  • A Stephen Fry book!
  • A T-shirt with the original 'Mummy' poster on it.

I'm a very happy bunny. I got lots of bits of Make-up, books, an Antler handbag (perfect for putting my transportable life into) and perfume this year too, which I'm really happy about. I got 'Alien' by Thierry Mugler, 'Miss Cherie' by Dior and two of Christina Aguilera's perfumes, which are always night and light. I'm also getting my all time favourite 'Anna Sui - Dreams'.


  1. Vincent Price? Hammer horror? Vintage addict? All common interests that we share. How could I not subscribe? Lead on, Shell, and I will eagerly follow!

  2. Sounds like you hit the jackpot! :")

  3. Shady Del Knight, Thankyou! ;) I look forward to reading your blog :)
    And yeahhhh I really did ;D xxx

  4. Thank you very much for subbing back, Shell. I promise to keep you entertained or double your money back! Know any other bloggers who make the same guarantee? (LOL)

    Frl. Irene Palfy - thank you for following me, too! I hope you find a lot to like over there!

  5. Wayhey! Where abouts are you from? America?
    And you're welcome, I know not of any whom are like that ;) You're setting a fine example. ;D xxxxxx

  6. (TMI alert! Life story coming.) If your question was directed at me, Shell, (please excuse me if it wasn't) I have lived in Central Florida USA for the past 25 years but grew up in Central Pennsylvania. The theme of my blog revolves around the Shady Dell, a notorious juke joint for teenagers that was my favorite hangout during the mid 1960's. Yes, I am as old as The Mummy! (LOL) I assure you, however, that I stay tuned in to what's happening today, vary my topics, and have a writing style and sense of humor that people of all ages seem to enjoy. A substantial number of my followers are in their 20's and a few are located near you in the UK. You already follow Londoner Kelly-marie at A Harem of Peacocks and another of my followers is Leanne Elizabeth Manning of Liverpool who has a blog called Ramble On. I am a lifelong fan of horror and Vincent Price is also my favorite genre actor. I already featured him in a couple of my posts. Edward Scissorshands was filmed here in my Florida town. I have also seen most of the Hammer horror films along along with those by William Castle, Roger Corman, George A. Romero (the original zombie trilogy), etc. etc. etc. In other words, I am very pleased to meet you and I think we'll have lots to share. You are surprisingly cordial, Shell, and I very much appreciate the warm welcome you have given me!

  7. It was directed at you yes :D
    Leanne is actually one of my closest friends you know!!! :) She's fab.
    And wow, that's all so interesting! I thought you were american from the stype of your writing, e.g. on your blog you say 'college student' or something like that, where as in the UK, we just say ''Uni student'' or 'student' :D That sounds brilliant that you had such a great hangout! I'd love there to be somewhere fantastic like that in Liverpool, we have an 'Eddie Rockets' but it's so fake it's unreal. Still, some swingin' tunes are always on in there;)
    And just because you're slightly older doesn't mean you're not tuned in to what's going on today! I'm not even tuned into it, I'm more tuned in to WWII! :P
    I'm pleased to meet you too! We seem to have a lot of interests in common. This is why I like blogspot so much! :) xxxx

  8. I wish everyone was as gracious a host as you, Shell. Age discrimination does exist as well as gender bias. It's human nature. People tend to feel more confortable when they surround themselves with clones; but where's the learning potential? I admire you for rising above it and searching for common ground. It's gratifying to find young people like you who are not only studying the past, (in your case that includes ancient history), they are embracing it and, in some cases, actually experiencing it by wearing the fashions, watching the movies, listening to the music and even living the lifestyle. I spent all of 2007 watching as many movies as possible that were made before my time, including silent pictures. It was a real education and as a result of that experiment I have a new appreciation of the 1940's, especially film noir. Thank you again, Shell, for transcending the ordinary and extending such a warm welcome.

  9. Ahhh what's age and sex! Besides, it's always the younger ones who are complete idiots. Always trying to abuse you so much that it puts you down. I just laugh about it. I know for a fact i've started this new blog up and people are laughing at it because they're too pathetic to get a life and keep just hiding behind a computer screen dishing out abuse they wouldn't give in person! as the saying goes ''HATERS GONNA HATE'' haha.
    FILM NOIR = <3 and ohhh the Silent Movies are brilliant.

    Do you have a Poundland in America???
    They sell all of the classics :D I'll be doing a post on them shortly.

    and you're welcome for your welcome! xxxx