Saturday, 25 December 2010

About me.

I'm Shell, an eighteen (almost nineteen) History Student from Liverpool, England and I have an obsession with the past. I adore Vintage clothes, antiques and studying past eras...

I sew, knit and read a lot in my spare time am currently quite happily single!.

This is me:

I also have a little Kitten called Poppy whom I found abandoned outside my house. I am a bit of a cat lady... This is Poppy:

I am completley and utterly consumed by a love of Ancient Egypt. Unfortunatley I didn't get onto the Course at University, thus I am left a bitter old woman... I'm very optimistic though, (to a point) and am determined to make it in Egyptology, no matter how long it takes me.

I listen to Bob Dylan, Kate Bush, Julie London, Billie Holiday, The Andrew's Sisters, Doris Day, Carla Bruni, Move Soundtracks, Joanna Newsom,....

I also have an obsession with old horror, especially when Vincent Price is involved.


  1. So. Now I am here to follow you.. *horrorfilm music* WUHAHHAHAHA!

    I hope you're having a merry christmas!


    Frl. Irene

  2. Frl. Irene! I'm so glad you're here :D

    Tell me, does Frl. mean 'Fräulein'...and in English, 'Miss' I've always wondered!
    Have a very merry Christmas xxxxxxxx

  3. Yes, it does. It's short for "Fräulein" = Miss. :")